Social Compass

The Social Compass: Navigating the World Today is a phenomenological social process towards creative, social initiative. It is an attempt at an articulation of the archetypal social-initiative/initiation process, which can only arise through a thorough observation of the needs of specific groups of individuals. That is, it can – and must – be tailor made to unique situations.

The process moves around the social compass from ‘magnetic north’, through the directions and dimensions of ‘surveying’, ‘landscaping’, ‘leaping’ across the southern abyss, ‘pioneering’ first steps, and ‘adventuring’ towards a position alignment of ‘true north’.

The process aims at aligning the inner and outer compasses of the human being. It is transformative for both individuals and groups, and all they put their minds and hands to.

The process has so far been adapted and used to facilitate social innovation and initiative with selected class 12 students and early-childhood teachers in Western Australia.