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  1. Antti Filppu says:

    This is my collection of poetry, imaginatively called Lyrics (written between 1995-2010, including also ‘real’ words for art rock songs). Please feel free to forward the link to friends and strangers who may have an interest in this little work of mine.
    (see also

    And yes, I am looking for a publisher……:))))))

  2. Hello Dear John,

    I pray you are well. Things here are ALWAYS interesting to say the least. I look fondly upon our summer encounter and reflections. Much still incubating. I spent about two and half weeks with Silas in Zimbabwe. If you get a chance check out the updated I am now updating it for him as information becomes available.

    The infrastructure of that country is devastated by Mugabe yet the people persist in an amazing spirit of hope and a deep commitment to building the new within the shell of the old. There are may initiatives taking place that will greatly assist the country when the current powers and principalities crumble. If they go the route of Egypt there will be an even more intense “Lybian” response, of this I am sure.

    I LOVE your work here and the whole concept of Social Poetry. I was wondering if your Kerouac thesis is wanting to be shared with me? ;^)

    I send love to you and Katie and once again thank you for your presence and participation last summer.

    In Peace and Hope,

  3. Jan Hart says:

    Hello, John,
    I am a first time reader – and thoroughly reveled in your work, Between Burning London and a Frozen Society. I’m a senior American ExPat Artist and Writer living in Costa Rica and I think, write and dream about what you are expressing. Your work and words are right on!!! I spread it to Facebook and will send it out to others who feel the same and are looking ahead to the rise in human consciousness. Thank you for your words, John!

    Jan Hart, Costa Rica

  4. greatly appreciate your approach, here follow some views, a little more detailed, less broad reaching on our crisis,

  5. Morgan Vierheller says:

    For Harun al-Rashid

    I wept when Baghdad fell.
    Center of learning,
    Navel of the world,
    The stars, the mysteries of disease,
    The works of Aristotle,
    Principles of engineering;
    All these belonged to that city
    that began the Renaissance.
    And the books-ah, the books.

    The day the barbarians came from the East
    The Tigris ran black
    with the blood of the books
    Of Baytu l-Hikma.
    Philosophia wept as her people,
    fell under the knife.

    This time the sons of barbarians
    Come from the West-
    No less blind-no less ignorant,
    No less devastating.

    People of Baghdad,
    Know that I told the children
    Of the Night Journey of Muhammad,
    Of the peace he brought to Yathrib,
    Bathed them in the beauty of the mosques and
    The devotion of those who pray together
    to the One God.

    “… not a leaf falls, but He knows it. ”
    (From the Holy Qur’an, Surah: 6 Al-An’am, Verse 59)

    Morgan Vierheller

    Submitted in October 2006 to the Gift of Words project: Poems for the Iraqi People.

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