A selection of previously published and forthcoming work by John Stubley


The Poetic Future and the New Sphinx: Re-imagining the World, Re-imagining Ourselves (Forthcoming).



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“Too Many Stars (creative component); and The Road Best Travelled: Thematic and Formal Quests in On the Road and ‘Too Many Stars,” (critical component).” Honours thesis, University of Western Australia, 2005.

“the lonely and the road” (novel) “What’s your road, man?”: my experiences with the life and work of Jack Kerouac in relation to the development of “the lonely and the road” (exegesis). PhD thesis, Murdoch University, 2009.



See work in The West Australian Newspaper, The Fremantle Herald, The Curtin Independent.



See interview on the English riots (roughly translated as “See the Heavy“) conducted by Mohammad Farajian, and published, in Persian, by Iran’s Borhan News Agency (, August 24, 2011. (Full, English version available here.)

See interview on the Occupy Wall Street movement conducted by Hildegard Backhaus, and published, in the German-language newsletter ‘Transparenz,’ by Switzerland’s Freie Gemeinshaftsbank (, December, 2011. (Full, English version available here).



See John’s Page as part of The Jack Kerouac Project of Orlando Florida.



“The tale of three fools, a little blue bird, a maiden and remarkable honey.” Humouresque choreorgaphed and directed by Live Sem. Performed in Switzerland and Germany, 2009 and 2010.