Cultural Shares


Cultural Shares in the Social Poetry work of John Stubley

All Shares have now been issued! Thank you to all those who now hold a share in this work. 


We require $10,000 for the work to go ahead full time in 2014.

So we are making available 100 shares at $100AUD each. Multiple shares may be purchased.

(Half shares of $50 are also available, but for this option we encourage you to join with a friend in order to hold a full share between you.)

The shares themselves are non-transferrable and will expire at the end of 2014, as new needs arise. However, all shares will return a social – a socio-poetic – dividend throughout 2014 and beyond.

Some Achievements in Recent Years
– Founding of Centre for Social Poetry
– Co-founding of Occupy the Future
– Co-founding of RePerth
– Co-founding of the business MacroScope Solutions
– Tens of thousands of website hits
– Thousands of Facebook ‘likes’; hundreds of website ‘followers’
– Publication in Adbusters (multiple articles), Common Dreams, Fremantle Press, Sri Lanka Guardian, We-Magazine, Borhan News Agency, World News Independent Media, Takoja, Scope, Das Goetheanum and more, amounting to hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide
– Positive reviews in publications throughout Australia
– Translation into German, Finnish and Persian/Farsi
– The concept of Social Poetry now listed in Wikipedia
– Creation of a social process titled The Social Compass, which has so far been used to facilitate social innovation and initiative with selected class 12 students and early-childhood teachers in Western Australia
– Assisting in the early community-development stages of SpaceCubed – a co-working space in Perth city; have been part of the advisory group for SiiWA (Social Innovation in Western Australia)
– Conducting of Gift Culture experiments where thousands of dollars of birthday money was made available as free gifts to cultural creatives around the world
– Ongoing independent research into economics, money, politics, sociology, philosophy, poetics, social innovation and enterprise, aesthetics, indigenous studies and more
– Ongoing observations of social phenomena; locally, nationally and globally

Potential Future Work
– The continuation of Centre for Social Poetry.
– The development of a new project called The Mirror City: Exploring the City in All Cities. Archetypal social processes and forms expressed in the archetypal city. Work for this has already commenced. (Click on the link to visit the prototype Facebook page.)
– The Free Land / Land Free Project: Liberating land / property from market speculation. Conducting experiments in order to free land from its economically untruthful treatment as a commodity, and allow capital to flow towards creative human capacity.

Why not Crowdfunding for this?
Because we see this as community funding – or what we’re calling Community Supported Culture. Through the gift of your cultural share, you enable the free gifts of an active cultural creative to flow into the whole of society – into the whole social organism. Cultural life itself is thereby freed-up with no expectation of a product or ‘reward’ etc. in return – rather, you enable an individual to freely do their work for the world at large. In this model, third-party interaction is also kept to a minimum. In addition, only people we know or who have made a connection to the work already will be offered shares (that’s you!).

We are enabling this to happen through the creation of a concept we’re calling Cultural Shares.

The Social Poetry work of John Stubley is now listed – has now been floated – on the waves of the cultural exchange of the world.

You can share in this work in a very real way by acquiring your cultural share(s) below. Thank you.

Via Direct Deposit
Name: Mr J J Stubley
BSB: 805022
Acc: 22552580
Bank: Beyond Bank Australia

Via PayPal
Go to Send Money under My (i.e. your) Account
It will ask for an email address, which for PayPal is:  johnstubley(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
Select “Family or Friends” and “Australia” if needed


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